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Helical Piers and Pails

Helical piers are steel piles with one or more helical formed plates. They are also known as screw-piles, steel screw-in foundations, screw piers, helical anchors, screw anchors, or screw foundations. They are deep foundation solutions for projects dealing with soil conditions that preclude the use of standard foundation methods. Their utilization, in fact, enables the transferring the weight of the structure directly to the load-bearing soil.

Helical piers are commonly used for foundation repair and allow solving even the most challenging problems with very little disturbance to the structure or the surrounding soil. They are regularly adopted as a proven method for underpinning foundation repairs and stabilization projects.

Installation and Use

The installation of conventional piles requires excavating and then driving or drilling the piles with substantial soil movement. Helical piers can instead be screwed directly into the substratum below the ground, creating low levels of vibrations and noise. The size of the rotary hydraulic equipment necessary to their installation is also relatively small, which allows for the rapid helical pier foundation repair of any structure, even in the presence of areas with limited access or with reduced overhead space.

The use of helical piers or piles is not just limited to foundation repair. The system has long been in use as a safe solution for anchoring the foundation of a new structure, both in residential and commercial construction. Helical piles offer numerous advantages over regular concrete slabs, especially in situations where the condition of the soil can pose challenges, such as high water table or shifting ground.

Resistant and Reliable

Other advantages of using helical piers or piles include:

• Shorter project time
• Better resistance to ground shifting
• Very high resistance to any weather conditions
• Higher reliability in the presence of high water table
• Easier access to heating and plumbing systems that run under the structure.


Environment Friendly

In special projects which require limited soil displacement and minimal environmental disturbance, helical piers or piles are the best solutions and can guarantee a limited carbon footprint.

Here at I Construction & Structural Inc, we focus on the satisfaction of our clients. We use best quality materials to guarantee the stability and safety of your property foundation. We ensure excellent service and the best solution for every type of foundation or structural problem.


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